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Welcome to Bed and Breakfast Foodies, the home of 8 Broads in the Kitchen, where we share our delicious bed and breakfast recipes.

We are eight innkeepers from across the United States who have become great friends over the years. All of us run small inns where breakfast, desserts, and dinners are all part of what we do. Our inn recipes define us, are eclectic, practical, and just downright fun. We strive to make the travel experience truly something wonderful to remember, highlighted by the wonderful creations coming from our kitchens, the signature of what we do.

Here you will find links to our inns around the country as well as our blog, a great resource for recipes people have enjoyed over and over when staying at our B&Bs. Our aim is not only to acquaint you with our recipes, our area farmers’ markets and food sources, philosophy of food and culture, but also to have fun, to be creative, and to be inventive. We welcome your comments and thoughts and hope you will share these pages with your foodie friends.

In the words of British author Kenneth Graham, “Come along inside... We'll see if tea and buns can make the world a better place.

Our cookbook has received great reviews!

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Two of our Eight Broads were recently listed in The Daily Meal's list of the top 50 US Bed and Breakfasts for Food. Kristie was listed in position #26 and Ellen at position #7.    Way to go ladies!!

Lynnette Scofield, the Ithaca Broad, received Select Registry's honor of Innkeeper of the Year.  We are so proud of her.

Upcoming 8 Broad Cooking Classes and Demonstrations

Saturday, September 24, 2016   Lookout Point Lakeside Inn
Everything Bread:  From Yeast to Sweet!  If you're reluctant to work with yeast, this class is for you.   8 Broads bread-maker extraordinaire, Kathryn White, returns to Arkansas from Pennsylvania to lead this class.   You'll work with dough, learn great tricks to make bread easily, plus make some non-yeast items.

Saturday November 12, 2016    Lookout Point Lakeside Inn
Cheesecake Heaven    Good cheesecake is limitless in varieties to create.   Cheesecake pro Tiffany Wilson headlines the class, assisted by Kristie.  We'll even make a patriotic cheesecake in honor of Veterans' Day.



The Beechmont Inn Bed & Breakfast (Kathryn White )
315 Broadway, Hanover, Pennsylvania 17331
717-632-3013 ~ 800-553-7009

My family loves food and always has. Each Saturday my mom used to rise early to go to Soulard Market in St. Louis, bringing home fresh fruits and vegetables that became part of dinner throughout the week. Saturdays were also her day to bake bread, including homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast the next morning. She not only influenced me, but my sister Becky and brother Peter are even more talented than I in the kitchen. When we’re together, which isn’t often since they live in Arizona and California, conversation at breakfast is always focused on where our next meal is coming from, whether we’re trying new recipes at home or exploring a new restaurant while traveling.

Breakfasts at The Beechmont have the same components that were important to meals while growing up. South central Pennsylvania is rich farm country and locally grown fruits, vegetables, eggs and breakfast meats from the butcher are integral to our breakfasts. I love to bake, love to learn about and incorporate regional influences from around the country, and am looking forward to sharing favorite recipes with you.

Birchwood Inn (Ellen Gutman Chenaux)
7 Hubbard Street, PO Box 2020, Lenox, Massachusetts  01240
413-637-2600 ~ 800-524-1646

I grew up with possibly the only Jewish mother who wouldn’t cook and a father with a legendary sweet tooth. By age five I had outgrown the Betty Crocker cooking sets – it was disheartening to bake a cake and have it devoured in one bite! – and learned to bake from my grandmother and aunt. Baking as a child was a survival tactic! Cooking came much later. 

When I married, we moved from country to country and traveled extensively.  Along the way, I dined well, frequented kitchen shops, and collected recipes as others collect souvenirs.  I was still enraptured with baking, especially pies.  My crowning baking achievement was a two-and-half foot croquembouche decorated with spun sugar.  When I bought Birchwood Inn, I was in heaven being able to bake several times a day.  When my Culinary Institute-trained chef/assistant moved on, it was my turn to cook, and the more I did the greater the passion.  Birchwood Inn breakfasts reflect my passion.  My guests think so, too, as they voted Birchwood Inn as “the best breakfast in New England!”


Brampton Inn (Danielle Hanscom)
25227 Chestertown Road, Chestertown, Maryland  21620
410-778-1860 ~ 866-305-1860

I was born and raised in Zurich, Switzerland, and came to the US first to learn English. Later, I met and married Michael. We settled just outside of Chestertown on the Eastern Shore of Maryland to raise our girls and start the Brampton Inn.

My fondness of good food goes back to when as a child I spent most summers at my grandparent's house. Grandmother and I spent countless hours planting veggies, tending to the fruit trees and picking berries. We made jam from currants, strawberries, gooseberries, raspberries and cherries. We "put up" apricots, peaches and plums. We dried apples, pears and green beans. Depending on how things worked out we made either wine or vinegar(!) from the grapes. But most of all we baked and cooked with all that bounty. Winter holidays were spent at my aunts and uncles in the French part of Switzerland. One uncle was a baker, an aunt was a chef, and a cousin had a vineyard. Their fondness for good food and good wine was legendary. This passion for the culinary arts has stayed with me to this day and I believe every meal is worth a celebration.

Chambered Nautilus Bed & Breakfast (Joyce Schulte)
5005 22nd Ave NE, Seattle, Washington 98105
206-522-2536 ~ 800 -545-8459

I have always loved food, to eat that is. Lots of travel in a previous job allowed me to try the cuisines of a variety of countries. I have never met a bread I did not like. However, I have always enjoyed the eating of food much more than the preparing of it.

I have long been known to say that my favorite meal is "one that has been prepared for me by someone else.” Fast forward a few years and I am owning a bed and breakfast, still no cooking required as my husband is the cook. Fast forward again and my husband is no longer cooking at the Inn and I find myself with a houseful of people to feed. Alas I must learn to cook! Thanks to the tutelage of my husband and yes, with the help of the other "broads in the kitchen" I learned and now enjoy preparing fun and interesting breakfasts and baked goods. Not one for reading cookbooks, our recipes have come to us by word of mouth, from my husband, from employees that love to cook, and most of all from fellow innkeepers. I am the queen of keep it simple and keep it delicious. Thanks to the other "broads in the kitchen" I am now a great breakfast cook and look forward to sharing the simple and the delicious with the readers of this blog. If I can make it, trust me, anyone can!


Lookout Point Lakeside Inn (Kristie Rosset)
104 Lookout Circle, Hot Springs, Arkansas  71913
501-525-6155 ~ 866-525-6155

My love of baking began during my childhood. My father loved to cook, but he traveled for work all week. Holiday and Sunday dinners became special events with his gregarious and generous love of family, food and life.  Homemade chocolate chip cookies and pies became my childhood specialty. As an adult, cooking became a creative outlet, yet I felt tied to following recipes...literally. Not until becoming an innkeeper did my culinary talents and confidence soar. Planning menus and preparing breakfast for 30 people brings a large measure of joy, seeing guests savoring a freshly prepared and beautiful meal. Today you can find me teaching cooking classes at our beautiful lakeside inn.

Swiss Woods (Debrah Mosimann)
500 Blantz Road, Lititz, Pennsylvania  17543
717-627-3358 ~ 800-594-8018

My inn is tucked away along the backroads of Lancaster County PA, where I grew up in a PA Dutch family with deep roots in the area. My parents ran a smoked meats and cheese store with an in-store bakery, so it is no surprise that I enjoy food and especially love to bake. Yeast dough is my specialty and passion. Early on I spent quite a bit of time in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, eventually settling in Switzerland for several years. My baking and kitchen are greatly influenced by these years and it is reflected in much of what I cook. The inn features many baked goods as part of our morning fare, and I will love sharing with you the tips and secrets that make them perfect every time... well almost!


The White Oak Inn (Yvonne Martin)
29683 Walhonding Road (SR 715), Danville, Ohio  43014
740-599-6107 ~ 877-908-5923

I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth, I was born with a wooden one! I've loved to cook and to eat for as long as I can remember. I was born in Scotland, and spent most of my early years in the kitchens of my grandmother and her two neighbours.

Every year all the ribbons for baked goods at the county fair went to those three ladies, and I was lucky enough to have them as teachers.

With a large family and a working mother, I had plenty of opportunities to cook and bake at home, and my brothers were willing guinea pigs as I tried new recipes.

In 1992 my husband and I purchased The White Oak Inn. Since we offer dinners as well as breakfasts, I have plenty of opportunities to do what I love best - feed large crowds!

William Henry Miller Inn (Lynnette Scofield)
303 North Aurora Street, Ithaca, New York  14850
607-256-4553 ~ 877-256-4553

Growing up in the fifties on the North Side of Syracuse, New York, was a food lovers dream! Homemade sausages from the neighborhood butcher; tomato sauce from the house down the street whose fabulous perfume permeated the entire block; and clam chowder sales at the local church where the chowder was chock full of fresh clams and vegetables. I still have the blue enamel container that my family used for chowder take out! Dinnertime at our home was such a special time that I would pay thousands to have just one more dinner like we had every night.

But there was one glitch. My mother--who could create a fabulous meal out of leftovers--wanted nothing to do with teaching a daughter how to cook. But my love of cooking persisted and my nose has been buried in either a cookbook or issue of Bon Appetit for most of my adult life. True decadence for me is a bubble bath with a pile of cookbooks on the tub! Owning an Inn is a dream come true. I love to say to guests, "All of our breads are homemade--even our English Muffins." And what fun we've had making homemade marshmallows and pretzels. We hope you'll enjoy this blog as much as we do!

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